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In fact, it is coming sooner than many people expected. Even though Microsoft had already launched Office 2016 for Macintosh earlier this year, some people were expecting the launch of the Windows version to be delayed. Microsoft seems to be having a lot more success with their Windows 10 rollout, however, and is looking more like Apple as they push out new product after new product. In a leaked memo to employees, however, the website Neowin reports that Microsoft has …

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The introduction of the Ribbon in Microsoft Office 2007 programs rocked a lot of peoples’ worlds. In fact, it was the number one reason many long-time users felt compelled to go back and starting taking software classes. It’s ubiquitous today, but there was a time when many people predicted its demise. And that day is – almost – upon us. As Microsoft struggles to make their software work on every device – desktop, laptop, pad and phone – the Ribbon …

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There are plenty of times when I am working on one document and referencing material in another document. Having to flip back and forth between the two documents can seem like an unnecessary chore. If you find yourself in the same shoes and you want to work more proficiently, try showing both documents side-by-side. In the video, you can see that I’m working on a PowerPoint presentation and pulling information from a local government website. To see the PowerPoint and …

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I want to follow up on yesterday’s post about using keyboard shortcuts, and show you a different type of shortcut that’s built into Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office products use something called Hot Keys that give you the ability to navigate the Ribbon without ever actually touching the mouse. This type of keyboard shortcut doesn’t involved holding down any modifier keys (like Control or Shift.) To get started using Hot Keys, just press the Alt key on your keyboard. You’ll immediately …

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Wow! There’s not a lot to say when everything goes smoothly. The upgrade process took less than an hour, and everything is smooth sailing so far. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a backup of your computer made before you start this process. Finding out that some key piece of software or hardware is not compatible will make you sick if you don’t have a backup you can revert to. Check out the new Microsoft Edge …

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The word on the street is that the Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade is revolutionary. In this two part series we’ll walk you through how to go about upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 10 the easy way — starting with the Windows 10 App.

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There have been plenty of times when I had more programs and windows open than I care to admit, and all I wanted to do was see the Desktop. The great news is that there’s a secret hotspot/button that is always on screen that allows you to quickly show or hide the desktop. Click your mouse in the lower-right corner of your screen to quickly toggle back and forth to your desktop!

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