Microsoft Outlook is fast becoming the way the world communicates. Though known first-of-all for it’s email capabilities, the program also includes dynamic contact lists, calendars and task lists. It allows you to manage your entire business from one spot. Check out these hot tips to make Microsoft Outlook work for you.

Outlook and Inbox Zero: You can do it!

Skip the Pain, Go Right to Inbox Zero

As I’ve taught people how to use Microsoft Outlook over the years, I’m constantly amazed by the number of people who report physical symptoms when checking their email. One common thread is that so many people are overwhelmed by email that they report physical symptoms when checking their email, up to and including hyperventilating. The… Keep Reading

Automatically Spellcheck your Emails Every Time

Automatically spellcheck emails in Outlook

As we fling emails back and forth at each other across the internet, we have also gotten sloppier with our typing. Unfortunately, the spelling and grammar police have not become any more forgiving. One of the most critical ways you are judged is by your spelling and grammar in email. In a world where we… Keep Reading

Data File Types in Outlook Can Break You…

Data File Types in Outlook

Even for a nerd like me, I have to say this is not one of the sexiest blog posts I’ve put out there. But when I get bitten by a new feature of a program I like to let you know about it in case the same thing happens to you. Outlook 2013 and 2016… Keep Reading