The More Button in Microsoft Office

There are a lot of “hidden secrets” in Microsoft Office that are actually sitting there right out in the open. A little bit of curiosity will go a long way toward making you into a Microsoft Power User. One of my favorites is the More button.

The More button is ubiquitous throughout Microsoft Office, and appears often in the Ribbon when there is more information to be shared than will fit on your display. The More button is best described as a dropdown arrow with a little line across the top of it, and I want to show you some common places it shows up.

(Don’t worry if your screen doesn’t look exactly like mine, Microsoft only displays the More button when it doesn’t have enough space. If you have a super high-resolution monitor you may not see it in all the places I show, or if you have a small monitor you may see it in a lot more places.)

In closing, keep your eye out for the More button, you never know what you may be missing.