Three Easy Ways to Add a New Page to OneNote Notebooks

Create a New Page in OneNote

It’s wonderful when things in life are simple, and few things are easier than creating a new page in a OneNote notebook. It’s so easy, there are three different ways to do it! Method 1: Click the Add Page button at the top of the Page Tabs pane. (The blue panel in the image.) Method… Keep Reading

When Excel Columns become Numbers instead of Letters…

Using the R1C1 Cell Reference Style

aka Turning the R1C1 Address Option On and Off A client called me a while back with a terrifying problem: all of the column letters in Excel had become numbers and she had no idea how it got that way or how to write formulas anymore. Rest assured, it was not the beginning of the… Keep Reading

Say Adiós to the Mini Toolbar in Word

Turn Off the Mini Toolbar in Microsoft Word

The Mini Toolbar in Microsoft Word is one of those features that you either love or hate. It pops up when you have text selected, and it offers a shortcut to the most common text formatting features in the Home tab of the Ribbon. Before you turn it off, of course, you want to be… Keep Reading

Converting Number data to AutoNumber data in Access


The AutoNumber data type is one major advantage of using Access. You can let the computer keep track of things like the next customer number to be assigned whenever a new record is created. If you read my article Primary Keys and Foreign Keys in Access, you know how important it is to have unique… Keep Reading

Primary Keys and Foreign Keys in Access

Primary Keys and Foreign Keys in Access

One of the first concepts that new users of Access have to wrap their head around is that of keys. A key is a way of connecting one record in a database with another record. Just like you have a different key for your car, your house and your office, each record will have a… Keep Reading

Password Protect Macros in Excel

I confess that today’s tip was motivated by a student asking a question in a recent class. During a discussion about all of the different ways you can password protect a document, the question was asked about how to password protect just a macro. This technique will allow you to protect your macro code from… Keep Reading

Encrypt Excel with a Password

Excel Password Encryption

The most complete protection you can provide an Excel document is Password Encryption. It requires that someone have your password before they can open or view your workbook, and it is virtually bullet-proof. I’m not aware of any ways you can break into an encrypted Excel workbook, but I wouldn’t put it past some cyber-fiend… Keep Reading

Automatically Spellcheck your Emails Every Time

Automatically spellcheck emails in Outlook

As we fling emails back and forth at each other across the internet, we have also gotten sloppier with our typing. Unfortunately, the spelling and grammar police have not become any more forgiving. One of the most critical ways you are judged is by your spelling and grammar in email. In a world where we… Keep Reading

Opening and Editing a PDF in Word

Open and Edit a PDF in Word

Let’s face it; it’s happened to all of us. You need to edit a computer file that is only available as a PDF. Commence screaming, hair pulling and nail biting. Back in days of yore (pre-2013), you were severely restricted in your options, if not downright stymied. I can recall converting PDF documents to graphics… Keep Reading

Are you a WordPress Designer or Developer?


One of the annoying things, err… great things about WordPress is how many different ways it gives you to work on your website. It can get confusing for people trying to learn the platform because the authors of many “tips” and articles make assumptions about  your work process that just aren’t valid. One easy way… Keep Reading