Accessible Links in Documents

Accessible Links

There are some easy-to-follow guidelines on creating accessible links in documents. If you’ve become accustomed to just pasting a URL into a Word document, these extra steps will make a world of difference for people using assistive technology. Creating Accessible Links It is always a best practice to create links in your authoring document. With… Keep Reading

URL Shorteners

Link Shortener

A great way to make your reader’s lives easier is to use a URL shortener to make long and illegible URLs easier to understand and get to. If you don’t know what a URL is, it is the website/web page address that is used to build a link. Before: After: As a reader… Keep Reading

PDF Tags that Make Documents Accessible

You have to use the right tag to make documents accessible.

If you’re trying to make a PDF accessible, you have to understand tags. To be brief, tags are the objects that tell assistive technology how to present your information to people who cannot see it. Each tag identifies the type of content and what information is stored inside. There are hierarchical tags that build structure… Keep Reading

The ADA and Section 508: Explained in a Nutshell

President George H.W. Bush signs the ADA

The ADA Most Americans are aware of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It was signed into law over thirty years ago on July 26, 1990 by then President George H.W. Bush. “The ADA is one of America’s most comprehensive pieces of civil rights legislation that prohibits discrimination and guarantees that people with disabilities have… Keep Reading

Creating Breakout Sessions in Microsoft Teams and Using Mural

Our assumptions for today‚Äôs class are that you: Step 1: Getting Teams Ready The first thing to do is open Microsoft Teams, and then create channels for all of your breakout sessions. The secret to creating primary and breakout sessions in Teams is to hold your meetings inside of the channels. Caution: this does require… Keep Reading

Tech Check for Online Training

If this is your first time participating in online training, you may have some concerns. How is it going to work? Do I have the right software and hardware installed? Can I keep up with everyone else in the virtual classroom. This quick video and article will help you prepare for online training, and show you how to prepare to get the most out of your remote training. In addition to learning about the physical requirements, you’ll learn how to move backward and forward in your computer with multiple windows open and you’ll learn how to unzip archives that contain the practice files.

Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams makes meeting and sharing information with other people fast, easy and simple. You just need to know a few things about Teams, including how to find out if you have the desktop version of the program installed.

Outlook and Inbox Zero: You can do it!

Skip the Pain, Go Right to Inbox Zero

As I’ve taught people how to use Microsoft Outlook over the years, I’m constantly amazed by the number of people who report physical symptoms when checking their email. One common thread is that so many people are overwhelmed by email that they report physical symptoms when checking their email, up to and including hyperventilating. The… Keep Reading

Excel Rules for Creating Formulas and Functions

There are lots of rules out there in the world, and we don’t always follow them. Most everyone I know has broken the speed limit at some point, and I hear some people are actually eating laundry detergent recently (ugh!). There are clearly marked speed limits on the side of every highway, and I trust… Keep Reading

New Text Box Shortcut works in PowerPoint, Word and Excel

Keyboard Shortcut for New Text Box

Many users feel condemned to using the mouse to hunt and peck through the Microsoft Ribbon. They just don’t know a better way! Today’s tip is going to drill down on one shortcut, how to add a new text box in Microsoft PowerPoint, Word or Excel using the keyboard. Once you have the program open… Keep Reading