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The world’s favorite website CMS is explained.

I am going to build a blog that contains individual articles about using WordPress, starting from the very beginning. It is the resource I always wanted as a graphic designer trying to become a web designer with WordPress. If you have any helpful thoughts about how I am putting this together, please feel free to use the Contact page to reach out to me. At first, there was a place to begin… What’s the big deal about WordPress? I’ve got …

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One of the annoying things, err… great things about WordPress is how many different ways it gives you to work on your website. It can get confusing for people trying to learn the platform because the authors of many “tips” and articles make assumptions about  your work process that just aren’t valid. One easy way to break things down and find the answers you are looking for is to ask yourself “Am I a WordPress Designer or Developer?” WordPress designers …

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One of the biggest mistakes I see “newbies” make with WordPress is that they fail to observe all of the steps of a WordPress website edit. Just because it is easy to make changes to a WordPress site does not mean that you are ready to start making changes to it. In fact, that mindset is a recipe for disaster. I received an urgent call from someone a week ago who had made changes to a website on the production …

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If you’re a visual person like I am, being told that you need to setup a local server to get started with WordPress might sound intimidating. In fact, I’ve been told it can also make some people head for the hills, convinced that they can’t do this thing called WordPress. Luckily, setting up a local server is easy, runs the gamut from free to cheap, and it allows you to muck around with the program and get dirty without showing …

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What started as an open-source platform for bloggers has become a major part of the web designer’s toolkit. WordPress gets us closer than ever to the dream of separating content from structure. Graphic designers can design a website and safely turn content generation over to the people who own it — the people who create it. WordPress actually comes in two flavors: WordPress.com is a hosted blogging platform that anyone can sign up for. It has a free component that …

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