Asking Users for Data using a VBA Input Box

If you are getting started working with Macros in Microsoft Office, there will be plenty of times when you want to ask a user for information. An Excel purchase log might ask how many widgets were ordered, or a Word time card might ask for a user’s name. Whatever information you want to request, the… Keep Reading

Creating your first macro using visual basic

The computer is first and foremost a time-saving device. My husband was just telling me about how the railroads used armies of clerks to keep track of each box car and it’s contents “back in the day,” and how all of that labor was now being handled by a few desktop computers. Imagine Mr. Scrooge meets… Keep Reading

Turning on the Developer Tab in Excel 2013

A lot of the more advanced features in Excel are accessed through a tab that the majority of people never see; that tab is called the Developer tab. The most common reason people turn on the Developer tab is to access tools that create Macros and Forms. I’ll show you how to use some of… Keep Reading