Opening and Editing a PDF in Word

Open and Edit a PDF in Word

Let’s face it; it’s happened to all of us. You need to edit a computer file that is only available as a PDF. Commence screaming, hair pulling and nail biting. Back in days of yore (pre-2013), you were severely restricted in your options, if not downright stymied. I can recall converting PDF documents to graphics… Keep Reading

Adding Action Buttons to a Form in Acrobat Pro

If you played along in previous posts then you’ve learned how to start with a form created in Microsoft Word, convert it to Adobe Acrobat PDF, and then recognize the fields so that people can use their computer to enter data in the form and then save the results. Those tips by themselves should save… Keep Reading

Converting a Word Document to PDF

Originally planned as Part II of a series of Tips on how to create a fill-in-the-blank form, I realized that the information is applicable to almost everyone. Before I get started, it’s worth noting that there are several ways to create a PDF, and none are better or worse. Also, you should always be aware… Keep Reading