Office 2016

Control Z: Your new best friend

Control Z: The Keyboard Shortcut that became your best friend

Everybody has them, those one or two shortcuts that they absolutely could not live without. For me, it is the Ctrl + Z keyboard shortcut for “Undo.” It is the magic eraser of the computer, and will allow you to undo up to the last 25 actions you have taken while the document is open.… Keep Reading

Real Time Co-Authoring in Word: Office 2016 New Feature

Real Time Co-Authoring in Microsoft Word

It’s so exciting that Microsoft won’t commit that it will be ready in time to ship, but the scuttle butt is that real time co-authoring is in our future. What does this mean for you? Team members will be able to store documents in the cloud on OneDrive for Business and Office 365 SharePoint servers,… Keep Reading

Accessibility Features in Office 2016 Strengthen

Office 2016 Accessibility Strengthens

Features that make computer software accessible are often over-looked by mainstream bloggers because they don’t understand them. People who work with the disabled, and those who work for organizations that want to communicate with them, however, know that this is the place where we need to put our strongest efforts. Like most people, I hadn’t… Keep Reading