Keyboard Shortcuts

Excel: Fill Right and Fill Down Keyboard Shortcuts

There are several ways that Excel can help you with formulas and functions, and a great one is the Fill Down and the Fill Right commands. Essentially, if you’ve gotten the formula correct one time, let Excel do the work for you of copy and pasting it into the other cells. The technique is really… Keep Reading

Using Hot Keys in Microsoft Office

I want to follow up on yesterday’s post about using keyboard shortcuts, and show you a different type of shortcut that’s built into Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office products use something called Hot Keys that give you the ability to navigate the Ribbon without ever actually touching the mouse. This type of keyboard shortcut doesn’t involved… Keep Reading

Keyboard Shortcuts and Option Tweaks for Microsoft Office Programs

I want to talk with you today about one of my favorite tips for getting around in Microsoft Office programs: keyboard shortcuts. Microsoft has given us multiple ways to accomplish any task, including the Ribbon, right-clicking the mouse and keyboard shortcuts. Any power user will tell you, however, that you will work more proficiently if… Keep Reading