Excel Rules for Creating Formulas and Functions

There are lots of rules out there in the world, and we don’t always follow them. Most everyone I know has broken the speed limit at some point, and I hear some people are actually eating laundry detergent recently (ugh!). There are clearly marked speed limits on the side of every highway, and I trust… Keep Reading

Concatenate(): Your $10 Excel Function of the Day

Learn how to use the concatenate() function in Excel

You may have already read my previous post on how to string text together in Excel. That technique has been around forever, but it is so… 1995. Modern Excel users know that there is a very powerful function built into Excel that makes stringing text together as simple as 1-2-3. Before we get started, let’s… Keep Reading

Excel: Getting Started with Functions

Excel 2013 Functions Arabic() and Roman()

Although there isn’t a huge demand to convert numbers from Arabic to Roman notation, two new functions in Excel give you a great way to learn functions, and start to understand the basics that apply to all functions. First a quick definition, an Arabic number is one like we westerners use in normal day-to-day life,… Keep Reading