Creating a Form that Users Can Complete on their Computer

Long considered the Holy Grail of forms, giving users the ability to fill-in a form using their computers has become the standard in most offices today. With a little bit of know-how and the correct software, I think that you’ll find it is much easier to do than you ever imagined. I have covered Creating… Keep Reading

Password Protecting your Microsoft Word Form

The last step before circulating your form is to Password Protect it. You do this so that other people can fill out your form, but they can’t change it. If you’ve been following along this week, you now have experience Turning on the Developer Tab in Word 2013, Creating a Simple Table in Word 2013,… Keep Reading

Adding Form Fields in Microsoft Word 2013

We created a table in yesterday’s tip Creating a Simple Table in Word 2013 and we’ll be using that same document to create our form today. You can download the file, or create it yourself following the previously published tip. Today’s tip is also going to involve turning on the Developer Tab. Check out Turning… Keep Reading

Turning on the Developer Tab in Word 2013

A lot of the more advanced features in Word are accessed through a tab that the majority of people never see; that tab is called the Developer tab. The most common reason people turn on the Developer tab is to access tools that create Macros and Forms. I’ll show you how to use some of… Keep Reading